Turn Signals and Roundabouts

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Had a few different places to explore this weekend. After a presentation at school on Friday, Kelly, Sean, Estrella, and I went downtown. Kelly, Sean and I booked skydiving trips for next weekend. Afterwards, Kelly, Estrella, and I made our way to the viaduct to check out the Volvo Ocean Race scene. The Volvo Ocean Race is a nine month long race that started in October in Alicante, Spain and will end in Galway, Ireland. Six teams are racing with eight stops in between the start and finish line. None of the boats had arrived by Friday, but the first boat – the Groupama sailing team from France – came in at around midnight on Sunday morning. Kelly, Sean, and I watched them come in. It was a really neat atmosphere. On Friday though, the scene was pretty quiet, so us three girls watched some short movies, rode a sailing simulator, and Kelly and I did some paddle boarding – all for free! We both did very well paddle boarding for our first time. Well, at least until the very end. I might have fallen in slightly while trying to step off the board… but nonetheless, it was a fun afternoon.

On Saturday, a small group of us caught the bus to the annual Pasifika Festival. It was set up so that every island (Tonga, Fiji, etc.)  had it’s own area in the park for performances, food, and vendors. It was packed, but it was a cool experience with lots of culture. I bought myself a pineapple ice cream, which is a pineapple cut in half, hollowed out, and filled with ice cream, a wafer, and chocolate syrup. IT WAS DELICIOUS! Estrella and I also split a bag of mini sugar and cinnamon donuts which were so good! Ever since I’ve been here in Auckland, my sweet tooth has only been craving more sweets. There are too many dessert shops here that are tempting me.

On Sunday, Kelly, Estella, Rupesh, Alyssa, and I rented a car and I drove us to Piha – which was about an hour drive away. It was a pleasant day, even though the weather was threatening throughout most of it. Kelly, Rupesh, and I climbed Lion’s Rock which gave us great views of the area. We also took a little hike to Kitekite Falls which was pretty. It was a short trip, but enjoyable.

Although, I did find it funny that my friends found my lingo to be strange. I used the word ‘rotary’, which to them should only be ’roundabout’. And the words ‘directional’ and ‘blinker’ were new concepts to them. It’s supposed to be ‘turn signal’ I guess. It’s amusing. I thought the fall in translation would be with the Kiwi’s, not with other Americans.

Keep an eye out for posts about 12,000 foot altitudes, airplanes, parachutes, and falling. If you don’t see a post, just know that I probably had a good time on the way down…

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2 thoughts on “Turn Signals and Roundabouts

  1. Chiara Sherwood

    Your visits sound so nice. I am sure you will survive your air launch. Just don’t pass out before you pull the “rip chord”. Stick with the adventures, enjoy them all. Don’t forget to turn your “directional signal” off, to put in proper terms.
    Love Chiara – Photos are beautiful, please try and take some on the smooth sail down to earth next weekend. What a trip ! Good for you.
    Love Chiara

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